After deciding to take a deeper look into hobby photography,  I spent months searching through pinterest for tutorials, blogs, and examples of photography I liked (and by searching I also mean reading what I pinned! – probably the only time this ever really happens!). I researched cameras, photography styles and finally settled on my wish list.  

For Christmas (2014) I received a Nikon 3300 with zoom lens kit (and all the bags, cleaning supplies, polarizers etc as added goodies). While I had originally settled on the lower model of the Nikon D3200, ‘Santa’ hit a good Black Friday sale and upgraded me!

I spent much of my Christmas holidays reviewing all those pinned tutorials and blogs to get familiar with my new camera and learned the simple basics of shooting under manual mode. One month in and I have not touched my auto mode yet!

It took me a while to grasp the aperature/shutterspeed/ISO connections, and why simply cranking the ISO is not necessarily a ‘quick fix’ for a dark day. I also experimented with white balance and auto vs manual focusing. Since my lens is not particularly amazing for portraits, a lot of my first photos feature my back yard and our fur baby ‘Stark’ (a one year old Bouvier Des Flandres).

But one can only take so many photos of their own yard before the subject becomes a little dull, even if its still new! So I again turned to pinterest for some inspiration. Not having any children myself, I needed something to inspire myself to practice managing a subject, portraying emotion/feeling in a photo, utilizing all of the awesome features of my camera, and maybe even a little bit of post-processing for things that cant be controlled by me.

While there are many “___ weeks/days/months of photo inspiration” challenges out there, this was the first I pinned so the one I’m following. I’ll be using this blog to highlight some of the photos I take with it, and my learnings as I go.

Later this week I’ll update with my first 4 weeks of photo inspiration!



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