You have to start somewhere!

Okay, so I’m getting a slower start on this whole blog thing than I originally thought. I’m sure its common for people who are new to the media! Or at least I’ll keep telling myself it is :). For the last few months, I’ve been all gungho (sp?) about starting a blog to help me get a bit of creative energy out, but come the new year when i actually set one up…no creativity ensued.

But I’m okay with that – you can’t rush an artist…right? I come from a long line of artistic people. In my immediate family alone there are writers, a poet, painters, portrait artists, quilters, knitters, and a few hobby musicians just to cap it all off. Even my husband is a proficient doodler, taking after his artistic mother in designing structures and buildings.

Myself on the other hand, I prefer to read what they write, hang their art on my walls and cuddle up in their colourful spreads. Arts and crafts was never my favourite activity, nor have I ever found that art and creativity came naturally for me. But, a few months ago during a conversation about career changes, my husband suggested that everyone (artistically inclined or not), has a creative side that they need an outlet for. So for those of us who’s jobs sometimes lack the opportunity for creativity, and who don’t participate in creative type hobbies, we might find ourselves wanting something more in life, but not knowing what it might be.

So this led me to some reflection on my own interests and passions. One of which is nostalgia. I am often absorbed in an old picture album, or rearranging old photos into new picture books on Shutterfly, wishing I had a better quality photo to remember a moment with. Since the fall of the film camera, I (like so many others) have relied almost exclusively on poor pixelated cell phone photos. Photos that don’t quite capture the fun of a beach day, or the prettiness in a summer evening in the backyard. This made me think, maybe photography could be a hobby I could get on board with! At the very least, investing even a little into it wouldn’t go to waste, as who doesn’t take at least a few pictures from time to time!

So, there you have it, my first blog post as I attempt to discover a creative hobby that I can really sink my teeth into. Photography 101 is next!


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