Resolutions in the cold

Hello again to anyone who may be reading this new blog!

I’ve been busily clicking away this month taking photos of everything and anything lately. On my list of photo inspiration challenges for this year, the first was titled “Resolution”. For this, the photo I’m ‘submitting’, is simple. A shot I took on New Years eve while I was waiting on my husband. I can remember taking this same shot many times over the years with my 35mm film camera! It’s a little more fun now with a digital camera, and certainly cheaper!

As you already know, my resolution this year was to take more photos. Real, quality, proper photos to capture all the special moments and memories, but also to use as a creative outlet for my own growth. So this is me and my camera. I’ve taken many photos over the last month with my new set up, all of which I could’ve used to fulfill this week’s challenge as all were inspired by this new resolution, but I thought this one was a little more symbolic if not original!


Week 2 of my challenge was  “cold”, and we’ve certainly not needed inspiration to feel it! Most of January has been hovering around the -25 to -30 C range for me here so while I (and my camera) strongly dislike being out in the cold, my fur baby Stark loves it!

But I’ve learned that you really need to prepare in order to get the great shots. There are some major challenges in taking outdoor photos in the winter and as a former nursing professor used to remind us “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!” First off,  you need to protect your camera from condensation. This can do some major damage. I wrap mine in a bellaclava sometimes but most often I only take it out for short periods and let it warm up slowly while turned off in between. This approach also saves your fingers from some nasty frostbite! Learning #2: large mittens (my usuals) don’t work for managing the little buttons, especially when having to adjust the aperature/ISO etc settings constantly. And thinner gloves means colder fingers, so avoid long exposure! Lastly, snow, whether on the ground or falling from the sky can really affect light and it’s movement, meaning you’ll be readjusting constantly.

Here are my submissions for week #2:

This first photo titled “Snake Berries” is a large tree in my backyard that produces these beautiful berries. They remind me of the red poisonous berries we used to find in the woods as kids in Labrador, which we called ‘snake berries’. Though I can’t remember why!

The next photo is pretty self-explanatory – titled “Wood Pile”, already half gone and another month or two left to winter! SnakeBerries

applesfsffsgs frozen

This next one – “The Birds”, is still home to a lovely family of winter chickadees (perhaps?), while the last is my Stark “On The Run”! Loving every minute of the snow!


So two weeks of photo inspiration, and some of my favourite pieces of work so far. If anybody’s reading this, feel free to leave me your critiques or suggestions!


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