A lens for all seasons!

I’ve had a busy week or two in terms of working on my photography. First off, I’ve been learning a lot about using GIMP through online tutorials and with my husband’s help. Learning to ‘layer’ has  made a great impact on how vibrant or dynamic some of my pictures turn out post processing. There’s still so much to learn though so this is a much slower curve than some of the others have been.

Secondly, I’ve grown my kit by one new lens this week! A 35mm Nikon portrait lens (and polarizer). When I initally made my photography wishlist, there were three lenses that I wanted to (at some point) invest in.  The first was the zoom/wide angle lens for landscape shots. We live in the country and often wake up to some beautiful scenes in our own front/back yard and down the dirt road. I have a hard time driving to work sometimes while resisting the urge to pull over and take a few shots. Just in case! The second lens wish was a portrait lens for indoor pictures of people, children, babies etc. With so many babies and young children in my life, I know I will have lots of opportunity to build on this skillset in photography. And of course who wouldnt naturally want to capture silly and sweet moments with wee ones.  And the last wish was a macro lens. When we purchased our home last summer, we inherited a beautiful mature garden and koi pond so I think I could have some real fun with macro photography, maybe this coming summer.

So this new lens has added some fun to my week playing with the settings and trying to find the right subjects. After 2 months taking pictures with a zoom lens only, it took me a bit to get accustomed to the narrow depth of field of the 35 mm, but I love the results. Here are a couple unedited examples of my play time with it when it first arrived.

DSC_res res ress

And the last thing I’ve been working on has been, of course, my weekly challenges! Week three was titled “eat”,  and was a bit of a do/over once I got my new lens as its much better for food photography. I did a couple pictures I liked well enough after making some thai basil chicken from scratch (mmm mmm), but the pictures just werent as detailed as I would have liked. So here’s round 2 instead! turkey club wraps – curtesy of my husband!

resizwe4 DSC_0141

Also, week 4 of the challenge was “time”, which I struggled with in terms of inspiration. I thought of the obvious shots like clocks and watches etc but didnt really like that idea, so instead went with something along the lines of how I spend my time. This third picture was after my husband and I had finished an evening of wine, candlelight and Skip-Bo battles! In the long months of winter we try to do what we can to avoid brain fatigue from too much screen time! It was done with my zoom lens, but maybe its worth a do/over too?



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