Just horsing around

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I spent an afternoon with his family’s horse Wembley doing some grooming and visiting. I brought along my camera kit to practice with a new slightly more unpredictable subject, and environment. Out of about 100 shots, there were probably a dozen or so that I particularly liked, so we are definitely improving! Here are some of my favourites, post processing.

DSC_0031 DSC_0068 (2) DSC_0115 DSC_0128 (2) DSC_0149 (2) DSC_0220

Annoyingly clicking away next to a two ton animal is a little unnerving (at least to me…and to Wembley I think!), but now that I have a better idea at how well he handles this sort of attention, next time I would switch from my portrait lens to the wide-angle lens for the indoor shots – easier to crop later than retake a photo many times. And also double-check that all hooves and body parts are in the frame! At times I didn’t realize due to the small visor screen on the camera body that just the edge of the animal or subject was outside the photo range and this is developing into a bit of a pet peeve! Better luck next time I guess!

Now onto the challenge for week 7 & 8. The themes these two weeks were “family” and “love”. Here in Canada (most parts) we have a holiday in mid February to celebrate “family day” so I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to grab some great shots with our friends and their young families at a planned toboggan and hot tub party. unfortunately, an arctic blast had other plans and we had to cancel on account of the -43 wind chill. While I’ve posted lots of photos so far of my little family – the big fur baby and my husband (one of these days our kitty will make it in too!), I thought I would share another in-home shot similar to the window week from last time. DSC_0095

Since most of my family (both blood and chosen) are far from me, I keep them close with photos and mementos spread around my home. I love coming home to little reminders around every corner of special times and special people in my life past and present.

“Love” of course is a natural fit with family and having just celebrated our first married Valentines Day, my husband was all about the love! How well he knows me! We celebrated V-Day by having dinner out with his parents but that afternoon he came home with a dozen red roses, a beautiful card but most importantly, Dairy Milk cookie dough chocolate bars and diet coke! My favourite vices. You’ll notice the chocolate didn’t last long enough to make it into the photo ;).

DSC_0051 (3) DSC_0053 (3)


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