Room with a view…

Changing old habits can be hard work, and starting new ones is no different. Two months in and I’ve already waffled back and forth on the whole blogging thing, but not the photography thing, so at least I’m further ahead in my resolutions (at least one) than most!

My husband and I have a variety of computer and computer-like devices in our care for work and recreational use, but I tend to stick to my cell phone and tablet mostly out of convenience. However, viewing, critiquing, and processing photos really does require a solid desktop with large hard-drive! So in the last couple months I’ve…commandeered his ‘baby’. The bulky monstrosity he calls a computer. Designed essentially for all the gaming he thinks he will one day get to prioritize again! (To the collective laughter of wives everywhere…).

Anyway, since I’ve been spending so much time on the computer we had to re-room it from a spare room upstairs to our sitting room which sits adjacent to the family room and is up against the back of our fireplace – our primary heat source in the winter. And it has been a real winter this year! This past month alone has seen temperatures averaging between -30 and -45 on a daily basis! But luckily with my helpful hubby, the computer area is now well situated in a warmer zone and I have a dedicated afghan and fingerless gloves for added comfort. Not to mention a MUCH improved view! Not only can I now see most of the main floor of my home (and therefore any trouble the fur babies are up to), but I also have a lovely view of both our back and front yards. Sometimes a room with a view is all you need for a little inspiration.

Weeks 5&6 of the photo challenge were titled “self” and “window”. I had a hard time with both in finding ways to make them creative and new, not to mention meaningful.

For “self” I enlisted the hubby’s help to capture a great background as we hiked with Stark near our home.

DSC_0010 (2)

Later on that week we were at the in-laws farm grooming their horse and playing around with some shots perfectly appropriate for a farm kid like Andrew! While this one isn’t of ‘myself’ per say, I wanted to use a shot or two that I was in total control over. On this picture I did a bit of post processing to brighten the colour of his eyes (but not change them), and the intensity of the colours overall in the photo. I used GIMP for this. Getting better but still so many tools and techniques that I’m discovering all the time!

DSC_0206 (2)

For the “window” shot, I did the usual (as I’ve done many times), wandered the house taking photos of the windows, out of the windows, a view from the windows etc but never really connected much with the images. So during one of these walks through the house looking for something new to shoot – since it was much too cold to be outside, I grabbed this shot in my dining room. This piece of art I picked up at the Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax where we used to live. I am an East Coast girl down to my bones, so I picked up this neat treasure just before we headed West last year.

What I like about this shot is the perspective. The literal take on a “window” which it depicts, but the view through the window is what I love to look at and daydream about. In a more symbolic interpretation of this challenge, what I also like about this perspective is the view into the kitchen. While I am by no means a ‘mommy blogger’ kind of wife, I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing new recipes. Its my way of unwinding (a glass of cab doesn’t hurt either) after a long day at work, and tends to keep people at bay until I’m ready to socialize again. So it’s kind of like a window into my life :). Well just a piece of it!



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