Oh Baby! Part Two

Earlier I published a post telling you a little about my first ‘photo shoot’ with a new baby. There were learnings from start to finish! As a part of this shoot, I also wanted to get some nice shots of mum just being natural with her baby – as if I wasn’t there.

Since she is one of my closest friends, and a very ‘natural’ mom in all senses of the word, I really wanted to capture her nursing (with her explicit permission!) in a way that was elegant and natural and conveyed contentment for both of them. That last piece of course being more on them than me!

Knowing her as more of a natural person, I also tried to keep these photos (well all of them really) very close to the authentic lighting and perspective we had on that afternoon in person. I didn’t want to use too much filter or too much contrast (as I have a tendency of doing for my own preference). Of course, sometimes you can already envision the finished image you’re going for when you shoot it so for a couple of them I went with my vision (vs what I perceived hers to be) and tried to tone it down a bit to something I thought we would both approve of.

And then there are some photos that really do turn out on the big screen just the way you saw it in the viewfinder when you took the photo. It can be really disappointing when you think you’ve got such a great shot based on your perspective through the lens, and the perspective the camera screen gives, only to get it up on the ‘big screen’ and realize its not properly focused, or the white balance isn’t right, or it’s over/under exposed beyond what you can repair in editing. But this photo below I love not just for the emotion conveyed in the image but because it is such an authentic moment due to the fact that I felt it really needed no editing. From the light, to the focus, to the aperture, everything turned out just as I had wanted when I snapped it.


She turned out to be a great subject, interacting and calming babe in a way no one else can, and as if there wasnt the constant presence of a shutter sound. Sometimes I really do wish I could turn that off!

DSC_0092 (2) DSC_0223

When I was initially searching through pinterest for baby/mum&baby photos, I was really impressed with the quality of the nursing images you see. While they weren’t all taken by professionals, or even with high quality equipment, they were all taken with consideration for mum’s dignity, with respect for what she was doing for her child in that moment, and they make the bond between parent and child the focus of the shot. Not her body parts. This was something I wanted to make sure I was able to deliver with some of these shots.

DSC_0242 DSC_0235

Even if you take the baby out of the focus, what you still see is her mum’s contentment in that moment and awe when looking into her baby’s face. How could you look anywhere but.



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