A Lucky Duck

This week’s challenge was titled “lucky” and it made me flashback to my youngest brother and the quirky relationship we shared. Throughout my childhood and some of my adulthood, my parents played a dual role as parents to my biological  sisters and I as well as foster parents to a myriad of kids across all ages.

Jordan was one foster sibling who left a particularly big mark in our lives. He came to live with us when he was just 4 and he faced a number of challenges being diagnosed on the autism spectrum as well as suffering from other developmental delays. I was nearly a decade older than him and often played second mother when our parents were out of the house or unavailable. As a secondary care-giver for Jordan, I had a uniquely special bond with him and was one of the first people he would come to whenever he got lucky with a special find, like a new war documentary, or a particularly awesome birthday or Christmas gift. Each time, out of habit,  I would say to him “what a lucky duck you are!”.

I never realized how much of a habit this response had become until one day when Jordan came in from a round of mini-putt with dad, excited that he had won a free ice cream cone from McDonalds. He rushed up to me with a big smile on his face waving the coupon shouting “Amber I’m a duck I’m a duck!”.

Well perhaps I was pushing my luck this week when on an impulse buy I grabbed a LottoMax ticket for the big 50 Million draw. Even though you know the odds of winning anything in a lottery draw is pretty much nil, you cant help but be just a little disappointed each time! So instead of a $50,0000,0000 cheque, my hubby surprised me with a beautiful spring bouquet! So I guess I’m still a pretty lucky duck!

For this week’s photo, I placed the bouquet and ticket in direct natural light and used my 35 mm lens (quickly becoming my favourite lens). I did minimal editing in GIMP, but did apply a layer with “overlay” and sharpened the contrast by just 2 points as I found the original slightly over exposed with the sun ray directly on the flowers. I wanted to keep the ray but tone down it’s effect overall.



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