A day in the life

Several weeks ago one of the ‘photo inspiration’ themes was ‘A Day in the Life’, and I started working on capturing something that would depict that. I had a hard time putting together just one photo that could possibly represent this so instead over several days (where time and environments permitted) I took several photos that would flow well together to depict what a typical day in my life would probably look like.

The key items that make up my day include getting up with the sun (I’m lucky to live close enough to work that getting up in the dark only lasts for a couple of months), travel somewhere – as a community Nurse I’m often traveling across my region for meetings and programming so my car is definitely one of the places I spend a great deal of my time. I also wanted to depict work in a more tangible way by showing my work space as it is most days. Mostly work resources scattered on my desk but always a few personal items here and there as a reminder of what’s really important in life.

Outside of the work day, year round we still have chores to do inside and out, though in the winter there are much fewer outdoor, mostly just chopping/stacking wood for the fire and making sure Stark gets some exercise. Then once the sun and heat of the day is gone its indoors for a home cooked meal (my favourite part of the day), andwhatever indoor chores have been neglected that day. Or if we’re being honest, that week lol.  We usually follow this up with some screen time or a round of scrabble before bed. There’s nothing super exciting about our days at this point in our life, but its a nice relaxing country life that we love.

PicMonkey Collage
Amber’s 2015 Life

In terms of setting up the photos and editing them, some were easier than others. For perspective, I started attempting to take the photos with me in them, but mostly from my point of view, so not directly of me. This proved very challenging even with my 35mm lens. It was still too close most of the time to really capture this accurately. For most photos anyway. So instead I started looking for a perspective that lent itself to my perspective without being from my point of view. If that makes any sense! The images are really more so symbols of my day vs me living it. I also opted to go with black and white as a colour theme. In my mind some of the images I started with I had imagined this way, even though not all of them worked ideally in b&w, I wanted to keep it a ‘set’ and so I’d have to ensure the colouringand contrast would be consistent throughout. I figured the easiest way to do that would be to make them all black and white.


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