Tips for Keeping it all organized

This week I thought I’d pull together a quick post on organization of your gear and making life easier!

When I got my camera, it came with a Nikon camera bag. With the flip/click top and some separate compartments for accessories including adjustable padded pieces to tailor the compartment areas. It seemed appropriate and effective, however once I actually took my accessories out of their boxes and bags I realized it took up much more space than I thought.

Also, since I bought the second lens, my bag got tighter and tighter. Meaning that everything that came out of the bag had to go back in the exact same spot and same way otherwise it would not all fit and the top flap would not close. I’m not sure why the designers went with the flap design, perhaps security? Because I find it really unfriendly for grabbing the camera for a quick pic. Another thing I disliked (strongly) was that the bag seemed unbalanced when I was wearing it on my shoulder. It didn’t sit straight and often fell off my arm as I was moving about or doing other things.It became so annoying I’d rather risk damage to the camera by slinging it alone over my shoulder on my outings than having the bag with it.

Something else that was pointed out to me that made me decide to look for another option was security for my camera. Obviously there will be sometimes when I won’t be watching the bag closely, either it will be left in a vehicle or slung over your back or at your feet, and on the front of this bag in big bold embroidered letters is “NIKON”. Clearly identifying its contents. Not so smart Nikon. I’d rather not invite thieves by promising a good find.

So I turned to pinterest (as I do for most things in life!) for some suggestions. A number of bloggers and tutorials talked about investing in proper camera bags for better organization and protection of camera equipment, and much to my surprise many mentioned diaper bags as an ideal potential.

Diaper bags are typically larger in size, meant to be worn over the shoulder, and include compartments for organization. There are also a number of bags on the market now that have padded compartments for the gadget-friendly mom, and one can assume wouldn’t be as targeted by thieves as an identified camera bag. Though nothing is ever perfectly secure of course.

So I strolled down to my local Wal-Mart, winners, and Toys R Us to investigate options. Most of the bags I found I felt were way overpriced ($50 and up) considering what they were, and most were also way too ….diaper-bagish for this. I figured it wouldn’t look quite right if I was at a public park  (with no kids) and pulled a camera out of a diaper bag. Even worse if my husband did it!

So after a little more searching online I came across this beauty of a diaper bag on It was reasonably priced (around $25 CDN I think), basic black (no scary clowns or strange zoo creatures), includes adjustable padded compartments, is easily worn over the shoulder or across the chest, and is large enough for all of my accessories, cords/manuals/2 lenses and a fully fitted camera. It also has a couple zippered pouches and seems water resistant though I have certainly NOT tested that theory!

DSC_0552 (2) DSC_0554 (2)

It’s also great because of the zippered top, it can be kept reasonably secure but when in a safe location (like a friend’s house) I can keep it open and quickly reach in a grab my camera when I need it without added steps.

It’s still new and I see that the stitching on some of the adjustable padding seems a bit weak but otherwise I think it might hold up.

.DSC_0556 (2)DSC_0558 (2)

How do you organize your kit?


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