Into the Woods

Hiking is one of my favourite pastimes, especially in spring when everything is so fresh, and even on grey days its still such a relief to your body and mind to be comfortably outdoors again.

These photos were taken in early April before any greenery had started to bloom so the forest seemed almost dull in it’s green, brown and greys. But in the end that worked well with the blur that was Penny, my sister’s yellow Labrador! She blended right in. In fact there were a few times where she nearly disappeared from us in search of trouble, but thankfully always came back!

The first photo below is probably my favourite from the day, I love the detail in the trees and the look on Penny’s face. She looks so natural in this environment, like she was grown in it.


Taking photos in this environment was challenging. I brought along only my portrait lens as it is smaller and light weight compared to the others, and I knew I wouldn’t want to be switching out lenses in the woods. One of the biggest challenges was having a high enough f/stop  so as to not  focus in on something insignificant unintentionally (as tends to happen with this lens), but still low enough to let in a good amount of natural light. Also, going from direct sun to shady trees to shadowed spots meant checking the images regularly to monitor their exposure.

As I discussed in a previous post, the candid photos are definitely the most difficult to capture. At one point Penny found the King of all sticks….in truth it was a small downed tree and was hilarious in her efforts to drag it out of the brush. I quickly grabbed the camera and using the continuous shutter, snapped off a dozen or more pictures to make sure I got something of it. Unfortunately I had not checked the first one (since I knew the moment would pass quickly) and as a result the images were all too overexposed to save. Even with editing, I couldn’t correct them.

In the end I did still end up with a few good shots, including even a couple candid ones, like below where Penny was refusing to take a picture with her Master (my sister). Their body language pretty much captures the moment exactly.  So the memory was well captured even still!


DSC_0287 (2) DSC_0380 (2) DSC_0480 (2) DSC_0520 (2) DSC_0266 (2)
DSC_0444 (2) DSC_0464

Up next, an update for my 52 week challenge! “under the tree canopy”!


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