Under the Canopy

Week 18 (two weeks ago now) of my 52 week challenge was titled “Under” and happened to coincide with The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood’s annual Screen-Free Week.  So I found myself on most evenings hiking through one of our many provincial parks with Stark (the fur baby), exploring the newly bloomed forest. What a striking difference from the photos I posted last week of the same forest a month earlier.

Under the canopy of the trees is an abundance of plant varieties, flowers, trees, and creatures. Though I wasn’t lucky enough to grab any shots of the latter, we did cross everything from as small as a porcupine to as large as a horse on our journeys through the woods! On this particular evening, I left the husband at home so Stark and I could take our time and seek out some good shots. The evening sun really does produce such a beautiful effect coming through the top of the canopy. The shadows are limited, and the warm glow from the early sunset against the bright spring green really needed very little to no editing. It was naturally bright, colourful, and vibrant all on it’s own.

DSC_0243 (3) DSC_0247 (3) DSC_0253 (2) DSC_0267 (5) DSC_) DSC_0289 (3) DSC_0325 (2) DSC_0326 (2) DSC_0342 (2) DSC_0352 (3) DSC_0363 (3)


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