Challenge of the Week: Blue

Ok so the challenge for week 22 of my 52 Week Photo Inspiration Challenge, was titled “Blue”. A relatively simple source of inspiration as there are sources of blue all around me, hence the title of this blog “koiblue” ;).

But instead of looking for the sky, or the house (its blue), I wandered over to the pond to take a few shots of the pretty blue water and maybe even catch a shot of the elusive Gary, our King of the Koi at one and a half feet long. But as I was shuffling around looking for different angles and perspectives I saw one of our newest additions, a Blue Gill carefully patrolling a patch of shoreline, most likely his/her nest.

Luckily enough, this fits well with this week’s challenge!  So here are a couple shots of one of our blue gills patrolling, and for a treat, the only shot I was able to grab of Gary :(. Better luck next time.

DSC_hyiDSC_0050 (2)DSC_0029 (2)


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