A body of emotions

I’ve been doing a lot of photo-inspiration challenge updates lately, and have not forgotten that while we’re already at week 24 (or almost week 25), I did pretty much skip weeks 13 and 15 (Body  and emotion respectively) due to a shortage of creativity.

Determined not to flake out on the challenge though I started to brainstorm different interpretations of the word Body. While there is an obvious one, I didnt really find inspiration in doing photos of my toes and fingers, and furthering along that line of thought risked turning this blog into something else entirely *wink wink*. So came up with some alternate options including the body of a car or building structure, a body of work like literature, or maybe the body of a collection itself. After all this hard work brainstorming I thought maybe I deserved a break and a full rich body of another kind……

DSC_0034 (2) DSC_0051 (3)

….dirty mind, tut tut. ;)

Nothing like a nice full bodied red to sip on the patio after a full sunny day, or in my case the living room on a rainy evening. Either way it can erase both time and trouble! So I thought perhaps using my tripod and new remote shutter release I would also snap a selfie to help convey the peaceful and relaxed emotion that sitting and sipping a good cabernet can bring.

DSC_0059 (2)

so there you have it, both body and emotion in one post!

Since we’re on the topic of relaxing activities, for any of you who do follow regularly (well as regularly as I can muster posts!), I’m off on a relaxing holiday to one of my favourite places this week – St. John’s NFLD so will be absent for a week or so but am excited to get back next week and update again with hopefully some new perspectives, subjects, and learnings!

Until then!


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