“Everything Needs a Break” ~Toba Beta

Well its been a long time since my last post – an unintentional absence I swear! As it says in the title, sometimes you just need a break.

Back in June, I told you about plans my husband and I had for a trip to NL – which turned out to be a wonderful photography experience as I came home with some great shots I’m very proud of. However, it was also around this same time that we learned we were expecting our first child, aaand started demo and construction on a large backyard deck! So we had a busier summer than we expected which led to limited time and energy for photography and blogging.

But, thankfully, the Gravol coma had begun to wear off by early September and we finally finished our deck around the same time which has given me a renewed energy for logging back in and catching up! And there’s quite a bit of catch up to do!

Essentially, I’ve ‘missed’ 15 weeks of my photography challenge, though in truth I do have several photos ready to go, and a few that just need a bit of processing. So it might take me a few weeks to catch up on all of them but I don’t typically go in order anyway! The important thing is I’m back on the wagon and back behind the shutter.

So we’ll get the ball rolling with week 27 titled “Colour”.

For this I’m posting a one of my favourite shots from our recent trip to St. John’s. We had been driving around the narrows to visit Fort Amherst when I saw this shot from across the bay. While it’s not the famous jellybean row, it still illustrates the colours characteristic of the harbour city (and the province on a whole) contrasted beautifully by the bright blues of the sky and ocean, as well as the greens within the hills.

(I’ve logo’d these NL shots for copyright identification purposes as they are shots I’m very much proud of and would like to protect!)


I hope you enjoy it and stick with me a while longer!


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