Triple Decker

I’m going to use this post to do some quick catch up on three weeks of photo inspiration challenges, despite the fact that the weeks are not necessarily in chronological order! But you find inspiration wherever you may be!

On this particular day, my husband and I had ventured to the farm to visit with Wembley who you were introduced to earlier this year.

My husband who grew up on a horse farm finds a great deal of solace in grooming these huge beasts. Me on the other hand…I’m still getting used to them! And them to me I might add. While some of the other horses on the farm are of a more, shall we say ‘calm’ nature, Wembley is a thoroughbred and hotblooded so I’m told. Not to mention highly strung! He spooks at the silliest things and is not overly trusting. So we visit often and slowly over this past year he’s become better and better and I’ve been able to get closer and closer, even brushing and itching him a few times myself.

The first of the photos is one of my favourites, and is my submission for week 30 titled “Silhouette”.


I would love to be able to do more barn shots, but the lighting is just so tricky and you don’t want to annoy the animals until they’re no longer cooperative. Or at least I don’t. But maybe down the line a little bit once I’ve mastered artificial lighting (or more realistically, improved just a little at it!).

Next up, we have D.B. stepping in for Wembley (because Wembley wouldn’t let me get close enough) to help me cover week 34 for the challenge titled “Senses”.

DSC_0082A horse’s snout is really very impressive. It’s not only how they smell and taste (obviously) but like a cat they have whiskers around it that tells them proximity to things and other animals and are highly sensitive. Perhaps this isn’t very impressive for you, but c’mon I’m a sheltered girl.

And lastly, a shot I took at one of my favourite hiking trails where the evidence of an equine hiker was still fresh in the mud. I suppose everyone loves a trek through the autumn leaves, no matter their size :). This will be my entry for week 33’s challenge titled “Animal”.



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