Challenge Catch-Ups

Alright, so as the year is quickly coming to an end (can it be already?!!!), I’m realizing that I am of course and as usual, behind in my photo challenges!

So, here is another triple decker if you will to help me catch up before the year ends!

These three challenges are spread far and wide from this past summer to very recently (the American Thanksgiving weekend).

Submission for week 26: Patriotic

While I didnt grab a shot of anything during Canada Day festivities on July 1st (as I was still mid-gravol coma at that time….), I did happen upon this shot in October after our first snow fall. Well it was really just heavy flurries that lasted all of 20 minutes but it got me excited because how Canadian can you get outside of a maple leaf in the snow?


Submission for week 35: Sunset

These three shots were taken at different times through the spring and summer, and from different vantage points in my back yard.

We’re very fortunate here to have some very enjoyable weather most of the year and having a West facing deck means we get to enjoy every last drop of that beautiful weather! Including Stark! In this shot of him we were just on the finishing touches of our new deck and he was thoroughly enjoying the new vantage point it provided him!


DSC_0105 (3)


And finally for this post….

Submission for week 47: Thankful

The one (minus the fur babies – one who wouldn’t participate and another who’s better left indoors!) I’m most thankful for in my life :). Does this count as baby’s first Thanksgiving if he’s not born yet?



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