A Passion for Music

Counting down to the end of this year’s Photo Inspiration Challenge and between work and being in my third trimester I’m struggling to find the time and energy to accomplish some of these challenges!

Recently we had a large family gathering for a joint wedding/Christmas celebration so I thought this would be the perfect time to sign off on a couple of the final challenges. But alas, my camera stayed tucked in its bag. For reasons I can’t fully explain but we’ll blame it on having too much fun to break away from the group, I missed the opportunity and wasn’t able to grab the “gathering” or “excitement” shots that I had planned. But have no fear I’m still working away at them. ….Any suggestions?

In the meantime I do have a few more weeks to update which will help to cap off most of the fall months.

Week 32 was titled “Musical” and I had a vision for something along the macro lines. Because my macro lens is not a full macro lens, it wasn’t quite pulling off what I had wanted so instead I went with my portrait lens and still came out with some nice macro-esque shots that I liked.

Skipping ahead to week 41, the challenge was titled “Passion”.

I was short on willing models for this one (giggle), so instead sought out some passion inspired objects to create a story scene instead of people.


And last for this update is week 45 titled “Motion”. This one I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but had the opportunity present itself to me a couple of weeks ago when we had a freak blizzard that dumped over 6 inches of snow in one night. Stark, as most of you will remember from last winter, is in his element in the cold and snow and was as joyful and full of motion as a creature could be that morning.

Thankfully we had a bright sun and lots of natural light meaning I could get the shutter speed up to a great rate to capture him in all his glory!



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