Another Catch-up!

Finally getting close to finishing off my 2015 resolution just in time for 2016!

In this post, I’m sharing images for Week 48, 49, and 51!

So first up, week 48: Gathering

Since I missed out on a couple awesome opportunities earlier in the month to capture a large ‘gathering’, I made a point of capturing our table set for Christmas to symbolize the gathering about to take place. It’s a smaller gathering than some years gone by but any gathering of friends and family this time of year is always welcome!


Next up, week 49: Bokeh

The subject for this one was pretty obvious – the Christmas tree! But first up, I wanted to attempt something I saw on Pinterest that was somewhere between a bokeh shot and light painting. The image below is the Pinterest photo (sorry I don’t remember who owned it to give credit!).

pinterest image

So, after following several different tutorials I came out with a few variations on it but they were generally more blurred and certainly more dark than this one that made me quite disappointed. An example of my attempts is this:


But what I really liked about the different Pinterest ones I saw was the detail of the tree that is still visible. The closest we came to capturing this was with this next attempt actually taken by my hubby (although with my camera and copyright law being what it is…well anyway I guess we’ll let him have it ;) )….


But still, as you can see, it still isn’t very clear that it’s a Christmas tree despite our dozens of attempts. So then we wondered if maybe there was some post-editing happening so we decided to give that a try to see if we could produce something similar. Unfortunately I don’t have a high quality editing program, just the free GIMP (though it’s great for a free program!). So our result was still not quite up to par! But  for effort right?

Here is the photo of the tree (regular) that I used to merge with the one above.


And ta daaa!!! Here is the result:


So…’ll do :).

But back to bokeh! Below are two examples of bokeh with the Christmas lights. The first I did by putting my hand in front of the camera and focusing on it (a wide aperture), then removing my hand and it creates this effect:


And using an actual subject instead of just my hand in front of the tree:


Essentially you can’t go wrong with a bokeh effect, it’s artistic and effective no matter how it turns out!

So lastly (for this post), week 51: Winter

We’ve been having quite the El Nino winter so far with an incredibly unusual forecast of +14°C for Christmas eve, but luckily for this challenge, back in November (as you may recall from some earlier posts I had), we had a large snowfall in one night that sadly didn’t last. But I managed to grab a few shots before the sun took it all away!

So here are my “Winter” submissions:


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