Wishing you Joy, Hope, & Peace

Finally. Week 52 of my 52 week photo inspiration challenge – Joy, Hope, Peace.

A year-long new years resolution actually kept. Can’t say I’ve done that before! It’s a huge deal (at least for me) to  be able to say I actually stuck with this challenge, this blog, and this hobby for the ENTIRE year, and even more than that, that after  52 weeks, 43 posts, and literally thousands of photos taken – I’m still enjoying myself.

Photography has proven to be for me exactly what I needed – a creative outlet that offers continuing opportunities to grow, learn and be challenged at my own pace.

Since I have been so successful this year in accomplishing this resolution, I think I might take 2016 off! Instead of making any new resolutions, I’m going to continue down this journey I started in 2015 and just enjoy whatever challenges and opportunities land in my path. There is still so much more to learn and try and with our little one due to arrive in February, I am beyond excited to have my own ever present subject to practice on! Capturing each moment of his life and ours as a new family will be my new life-long resolutionand I can’t wait to get started.

In terms of this blog, if anyone is reading it, I think I will be changing it’s set up as I will no longer need it for regular posting but instead seek out a template that will be more useful in sharing my photos instead of postings. I might still have the occasional urge to write a blog post (you never know right?) but I’d like to focus instead on sharing my images so that will be the biggest change you will see in the new year.

Thanks for following along on my journey and I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did!

So here, without further ado, is my final submission for the 52 Week Photo Inspiration Challenge:


Wishing you and yours a peaceful, healthy, and happy 2016.


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