Lifestyles of the Happy and Real

Lifestyle Photography. For those of you unfamiliar with this ‘genre’ or style of photography, lifestyle photography really is about capturing candid natural shots. Essentially, chasing the Kodak moment! There’s no staging or elaborate props/costumes/set ups. You shoot in the same environment in which your subjects live, work and play wherever that may be to them. They  dress in their usual styles and interact together in a way that comes naturally to them. Nothing fake or posed!

What I love about this style of photography is the organic feel to it – there’s no recipe and therefore no way to screw it up! Unlike a lot of themed or staged photography, in lifestyle photography, every shot you take has value because of the candid nature of it. What you as an outsider might not see as meaningful, your subjects might love because of their connection to that moment in time and the loved ones they were with. Maybe even a new memory made. Lifestyle photography also isn’t just for family pictures or newborn shoots. It is a style that is versatile for any life event or simply capturing every day moments.  It’s for this reason that I lean more naturally to it.

An example of this is below. A candid moment caught unawares of my husband and our fur baby Stark checking in on our newborn baby son.


On a somewhat related note, in case anyone noticed my 3 month absence (haha- yeah I figured not lol), my husband and I welcomed our son the day after Valentines this past winter. So I have spent these last few months just focusing on him and getting to know him and our new life together. But, having said that, just because I took a break from blogging (which….let’s be honest – it’s not the first time…) I continued to work on my photos throughout this time and used him as my guinea pig for practicing and developing my style. It’s also given me the time I needed to really get familiar with Lightroom 6 (mind blown btw) and helped my photos climb up to that next level of sophistication! But of course I’m biased!

So, of the roughly 3 billion photos I’ve taken in these first few months (advance apologies to any future children…I will do my best to take 3 billion photos of you too…) I’ve selected a few of my favourites to showcase that speak more to my style as a lifestyle photographer.











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