Photo Challenge – week 2

We’ve had yet another snowy messy week here meaning a lot of housebound days and evenings. So to keep myself motivated I’ve been doing a lot of reading, completing a couple online workshops through the ClickinMoms network, which I’ve really enjoyed! I’m definitely looking forward to doing a couple more this winter!

There are a couple technical exercises I’ve been wanting to do to stretch my shutter muscles lately, the first of which was working with low key portraits. So late one insomnia-filled night this past week I did a little playing around. It took me a while and several attempts to not only find the right placement of the light source, but then the correct exposure as well to keep the focus on my face, and the area around me darkened. I’m pretty happy with the result, a properly balanced photograph that’s also an accurate portrayal of it’s subject! So when the insomnia hits, this is how you’d typically find me. Curled up in the dark with Pinterest in hand!

Day 6-“Pinterest”

While we haven’t been able to wander too far from home due to the wind chill, we did get out a couple of times just into our yard for some fresh air. I’ve got a new sled with wind screen on back-order that we’re hoping to receive soon so we can get back out on the trail and really enjoy all the winter has to offer. But in the meantime, our trusty Bob on our dirt road will suffice!

Day 7- “Bob”
Day 8- “Bouvier wind sock”
Day 9- “Blue eyes, red cheeks”

Of course, all of this indoor time means a lot more time for scouting out new recipes during nap time and experimenting in the kitchen. It didn’t seem right to have a week full of photos and not feature some of my culinary efforts! Baked salmon with creamy lemon and dill sauce, mmm mmm good!

Day 10- “yum”

The other exercise that I’ve been wanting to play with this week in follow up to some of my readings and workshops has been playing with natural light – following the light throughout the day and experimenting with all of it’s potential. This is something that I really want to focus on for the next couple months; making the most of the light at different points through the day and finding out all that it can mean for a photograph. Unfortunately we have had a dull, dark, grey week here! So while I didn’t get the light I was looking for, I did manage a couple of alternate light shots with what nature did offer. The trick to dull or flat lighting, is making the rest of your shot matter. Finding other ways such as subjects, composition, and especially perspective (in my opinion) that can tell the story and still share the emotion without the light.

Day 11- “bird watching”
Day 12- “bird watching part 2”

And that’s week 2/52 done :). Leave any comments, thoughts, or critiques in the comment section below!

© 2017 Amber White, KoiBlue Photography. None of the contents may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission.


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