Girls Nite!

So it looks like we’re finally on the recovery side of this season of sickness at our house. It’s been a long few weeks but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

So you might remember the woman of honour in this series of photos. I took some engagement photos for her and her hubby-to-be a year ago and featured them on this blog (scroll way down to see them!). With their wedding coming up in a few weeks, her Maid-of-Honour threw her a bachelorette party and asked me to help out with some photos of the shenanigans and a photo booth. We had a lot of fun and it gave me a great opportunity to test out the newest addition to my tool belt – a speedlight! (finally, right!).

So for this week’s ‘submissions’ I’m going to include several shots from the bachelorette and just one of the mancub to round out the first 31 days of this new challenge!.


Day 21- “Fuel”
Day 22- “BTB”
Day 31- “Too Tired for Cheerios”

© 2017 Amber White, KoiBlue Photography. None of the contents may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission.


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