No More Snow Please!


Alright, well I might as well put it out there: I’m really struggling with this challenge.We’ve had a lot of cold and a lot of snow, which means I’ve seen a lot of the inside of my house lol. It makes me feel better to think that many people find this time of year difficult to get creative – at least those of us whose art typically involves going outside or to new places.  Throw in a soon-to-be one year old and I hope you can understand why I tend to gravitate towards the easiest path available! This path of course doesn’t often involve getting us all dressed to go outside and freeze our clavies off (so to speak).

Another excuse I have (because it’s definitly not a good reason!), is that I have a new off-label 85mm prime lens that I’ve been playing with. I really wanted an 85mm to play around with portraits but new lenses are currently out of my budget. However, I came across this Opteka brand lens for around $120CAD on Amazon so I decided to give it a try.  The lens is manual focus (which means the f/stop also has to be manually set) and is taking me a while to get adjusted to using it comfortably. As a way to push me to practice more I have left this lens on the camera so any pictures I take will have to be taken with it. Hence the laziness described above lol.

So I havent picked up my camera quite as much in the last two weeks as I should have, but I have been doing lots of photography planning. The mancub’s first birthday is coming up soon, in just a few days actually so I have spent some time prepping for a cake smash session with him (some of you may remember the technical disaster that was M’s last year at this time). As well as some themed shots for Valentines Day and his actual birthday. So over the next couple weeks I’ll take advantage of those themed shots to fill in a few days from this challenge lol. It’s not cheating I swear.

But in the meantime, here are the next series of shots in this challenge, predominantly taken with my 85mm lens.

Any thoughts or suggestions from those of you who are experienced with this type or level of lens, I would be happy to hear your tips!

Day 32- “Stark”
Day 33- “Those Eyes”


Day 34 – “More Snow”

Day 35- “Fur Coat”

Day 36- “Night Cap”

Day 37- “Puppy Cuddles”

© 2017 Amber White, KoiBlue Photography. None of the contents may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission.


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