This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada and my sister asked me to do a family session to help mark my niece Marci’s first holiday with us! And the Taylors’ first family photo session :). Of course I was happy to oblige! During a holiday that is all about being thankful for the blessings in your life, a family photo shoot seemed appropriate.

It was a relatively short session as we did it before Thanksgiving dinner so the sun was a little higher than is optimal and the weather unseasonably warm for fall clothing lol. But all in all I think it went pretty well and we came out with some nice shots.

I was a little disappointed with the amount of grain in some of the shots (most of them to be honest). Because of where the sun was we did most of our posing in the shade to reduce the glare and squinting, but this led to a higher ISO than my camera can handle crisply. Still, despite that, I think with a little Lightroom assistance they were for the most part well finished.

Here are the finished album pieces for you to peruse and critique :). Enjoy!




creamy (1 of 1)












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Welcome Miss Marci!

A little more than a month ago, we welcomed a new wee one to the family, my niece Marci Marie. A week or so after her birth I traveled to her home about an hour away with the goal of doing some posed newborn shots.

I recently purchased a couple of specialty posers and this would be my first real chance to try them out and practice using them. We didn’t have a lot of time at this ‘shoot’ as she had a check up planned for that same afternoon but working shift work and having a little one at home myself meant we had to make it work!

While I didn’t get quite the variety of shots I was hoping for (and the posers proved to be a little more challenging than I had hoped they’d be!), I think I did get a few winners in the bunch. Marci is a tall girl at 23″ and wasn’t much of a fan of laying on those long knees, pushing herself off the posers and actually flipping herself onto her back more than once lol. So in the end I was only able to use them properly for a handful of shots and then moved on to my more comfortable style of lifestyle photography instead. Always a winner or two there.

Check them out for yourself below and let me know in the comments what you think. Suggestions and constructive critiques are, as always, welcome!







Hello again

Hello again

Well…. 5 months between posts; I think it’s safe to say that my 2017 ‘365’ challenge has already failed. Spectacularly in fact. For those of you who have forgotten, the challenge was a photo a day for the entire year.

Although, I’m gonna cut myself some slack here since around the time of my last post (where for those of you following along I was already struggling!), we had a rash of illness in our household that lasted for weeks, I went back to work, and found out I was pregnant again! Cue morning sickness, Diclectin dependency, and exhaustion mixed with a healthy dose of toddler. It was a rough few months to say the least. By the time the first trimester fog cleared I had already moved on from this challenge and decided this was probably not the best year for it lol! Realistically there was no catching up. But maybe 2018 will be better for it. Ill be home with two under two trying to keep myself from going mad. It might be a saving grace!

Here’s a little glimpse into our spring and summer 2017:

Ben’s announcement



Calls to Nana

But, even though I’ve not been working on any particular ‘goals’ per say – like a challenge, I’ve still been doing a little bit of shutter-bugging here and there as my energy and time have allowed. While most have been mostly just personal family snapshots (like the ones above), I did have a couple opportunities to try something new. In June there was a jazz and blues fest here locally that teamed up with a classic car show for some downtown fun which we took in as a family. It gave me a good chance to dust off my lenses and try out some new angles and explore colour in a fun way. Here are some samples from that work.



So while my portfolio hasn’t grown a whole lot in the last 6 months, there’s always a few good shots buried in the files somewhere! And probably a few more still hanging out on my memory card waiting for some attention!

Until next time!




So sickness continues to plague our household- this is just not our winter! But we had a very welcome day of respite earlier this week when a warm front came through and the furbaby and I were able to get into the woods together for a little quality hike! And, to catch up on almost a week’s worth of pictures!

So here are this week’s placeholders :).

Day 52- “Patience”
Day 53- “Freedom”
Day 54- “My Happy Place”
Da 55- “Mukluks”
Day 56- “Bouv on patrol”
Day 57- “First Walk”
Day 58- “Mancub”


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Light Seeker

I’ve improved a little bit this past week with trying to prioritize my 365 day photo challenge as my shutter saw a little more action, but then of course the second (or was it third?) round of annual winter plague hit our house – this time taking down all three of us. So I’ve plateaued a little again. But, official springtime is only 24 days away so a few more deep breaths ought to do it.

With my little one starting day care a couple weeks ago (hence the newest plague),  and me now back to work but doing shift work instead of my old 9-5, I find myself at home with some free time during the best parts of the day for photography – the ‘golden hour’. While typically when people say the ‘golden hour’ they’re referring to that gorgeously lit time just prior to sunset, I think it can also be used to describe the opposite side of the scale just after a bright sunrise. Dropping the wee one off very early has given me the chance this past week to follow the light around my house, and (as you’ll see next week), around the village a little too.

February 26 is Day 57 of 2017 so despite our bumps so far, we’re not too bad off. Here are my ‘submissions’ for days 45-51.

Day 45- “Over the Gate”
Day 46- “Nana”
Day 47- “Birthday surprise!”
Day 48- “12 Months”
Day 49- “Golden Hour”
Day 50- “Light Seeker”


Day 51- “Morning After”

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Theme Days

So, as I briefly mentioned in my last post, I spent a bit of time last week prepping and doing a couple themed shoots with my little one.

The first was a cake smash to celebrate his first birthday (already?!). Ive only done one other cake smash, last year at this time with little McKenna which I described on this blog back then. You may remember it didn’t go over super well.

The day of M’s cake smash, she wasn’t feeling her best having just started daycare and my backdrop was unexpectedly back-lit (and also went unnoticed until after I had the photos up on my big screen). On top of this, because this was before I had my speedlight or pop up flash bounce, I chose not to use any additional lights relying only on the natural light in the house. To the naked eye, it appeared as though there was adequate soft lighting and I was in such a rush to get the pictures done before M melted down or quit on me that I wasn’t checking them as I went, leading to an entire set of grossly underexposed images.

While I was able to salvage a few, I really wasn’t happy with them. To refresh your memory, here are a couple from that session:

There’s more grain in them than I like to see in my photos, and her colouring was especially difficult to fix. You can also see on the image on the left where the frame of my backdrop was visible due to the back-lighting.

So, as I went into planning mode for this next cake smash, I had a few big ticket items to take care of first.

The most obvious challenge (the lighting, or lack there of) I knew I wouldn’t have this time around since I am now the so so so happy owner of a speedlight (a life-saver truly).  To deal with the back-lighting, I chose to drape my backdrop against a light coloured wall instead of using the frame.

In terms of the mood/cooperation of my subject….well there’s not much you can do about that! It’s kinda a throw it out there and see what you get sort of deal when you’re working with babies and toddlers. I did however request a soft icing for the cake this time around as I remember McKenna being hesitant to ‘smash’ the cake because the icing was hard and pointy to touch! So I tried to make it easier to make a mess this time around lol.

So, on to the challenges I faced in this session.

The first was that I was by myself and my son was not so interested in playing along. So keeping him focused/entertained/happy whilst still getting the shot was a big challenge. I tried to keep it quick (relatively speaking), less than a half hour and thankfully my husband arrived home just in time to help with the clean up lol.

In the live view it appeared that all of the aspects of the shoot had gone off well, despite the lack of smiles or laughs. I had chosen a different set to set it apart from the style I used in McKenna’s shoot and it worked well. The lighting seemed well balanced, and despite the need for a little straightening here and there, generally the pictures looked great.

Here’s an example of the set:


Then I got it up on the big screen and noticed a giant glaring mistake. The backdrop was incredibly wrinkled. I had only set it up that morning while the little one napped so it hadn’t had time for the wrinkles of being folded up (badly) to fall out, and I hadn’t thought to iron it.

Here’s a pull back with no editing.


So I knew there would be a fair bit of editing to try and fix this.

I tried out both the adjustment brush to adjust sharpness, and also the same brush on clarity. I found the sharpness tool simply was not strong enough to deal with the wrinkles so had to rely on the clarity tool. However, it still wasn’t a perfect fix for me as the clarity tool when used this way I find creates a bit of a ‘glow’ – for lack of a better word. And this changes things a little bit. Also, it means there is some discrepancy between the photos as this had to be done by hand on each individual photo making it a bit inconsistent. But I can learn to live with that :).

I also used the dodge tool to try and bring the subject out a bit from the background and help him stand out. One small error I made on a few of the images (that I was honestly just too tired to go back and fix) was that my lines were not perfectly done and when zoomed out, in a couple of the photos there’s a bit of that halo effect from too much brightness beyond the borders of his skin.

The only other complaint I have, is unfortunately not something I can control. While the skin tones, white balance, and general appearance appear perfect on my editing monitor, when I uploaded some of the photos to my personal Facebook account and looked at them on my phone, I was disappointed to see that his skin appeared more orange than on my monitor and the backdrop a little bluer. I’m not sure if this is something photographers (especially in this digital age) compensate for or if they accept that it is what it is. Aside from printing, there is no good way that I can figure to guarantee accurate colour depiction from your computer to the public’s or clients’.

But alas, overall I think the session went well and as usual I have a few things to work on for next time, but nothing major!



The other themed shoot I did was much quicker as it was just for Valentines Day a few days after this shoot. While he still chose not to smile for me, I was actually really happy with how this one turned out! A little kitchy perhaps but sweet all the same!



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No More Snow Please!


Alright, well I might as well put it out there: I’m really struggling with this challenge.We’ve had a lot of cold and a lot of snow, which means I’ve seen a lot of the inside of my house lol. It makes me feel better to think that many people find this time of year difficult to get creative – at least those of us whose art typically involves going outside or to new places.  Throw in a soon-to-be one year old and I hope you can understand why I tend to gravitate towards the easiest path available! This path of course doesn’t often involve getting us all dressed to go outside and freeze our clavies off (so to speak).

Another excuse I have (because it’s definitly not a good reason!), is that I have a new off-label 85mm prime lens that I’ve been playing with. I really wanted an 85mm to play around with portraits but new lenses are currently out of my budget. However, I came across this Opteka brand lens for around $120CAD on Amazon so I decided to give it a try.  The lens is manual focus (which means the f/stop also has to be manually set) and is taking me a while to get adjusted to using it comfortably. As a way to push me to practice more I have left this lens on the camera so any pictures I take will have to be taken with it. Hence the laziness described above lol.

So I havent picked up my camera quite as much in the last two weeks as I should have, but I have been doing lots of photography planning. The mancub’s first birthday is coming up soon, in just a few days actually so I have spent some time prepping for a cake smash session with him (some of you may remember the technical disaster that was M’s last year at this time). As well as some themed shots for Valentines Day and his actual birthday. So over the next couple weeks I’ll take advantage of those themed shots to fill in a few days from this challenge lol. It’s not cheating I swear.

But in the meantime, here are the next series of shots in this challenge, predominantly taken with my 85mm lens.

Any thoughts or suggestions from those of you who are experienced with this type or level of lens, I would be happy to hear your tips!

Day 32- “Stark”
Day 33- “Those Eyes”


Day 34 – “More Snow”

Day 35- “Fur Coat”

Day 36- “Night Cap”

Day 37- “Puppy Cuddles”

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