Week One -(almost) 7 days, (almost) 7 photo

I’m almost a week in to my new photo challenge and so far it’s going well. Of course it’s only been like 5 days so I’m still in the honeymoon phase of any New Years resolution! It’s week 3-4 that really starts to feel challenging (usually anyhow). But I’ve done this before and was successful so I have no reason to think I won’t be this time around either!

My ‘submissions’ for this week are pretty straightforward; we’ve been a little house bound due to weather and just trying to get back into a routine since the hubby went back to work after the break so I’ve not been doing too much experimentation. We’ll leave that for next week!

As always, critiques are welcome in the comment section below :).

Day 1- January 1st 2017: “Cocktails”
Day 2: “Play Time”
Day 3: “Lunch”
Day 4: “Quiet Time”
Day 5: “Colour”


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New Year, New Challenge, Same Journey

Happy New Year! After a long break from blogging, I’m back at it with a new challenge for this new year!


To remind you of where I left off, I started my photography journey after Santa brought me a Nikon D3300 for Christmas 2014. That January I started a 52 week Photography Challenge which, despite a few bumps in the road over the course of 2015, I am proud to say I stuck with it and finished the entire challenge. The learning curve was steep and there was so much to learn! But it was a great way to get started and build a solid foundation of knowledge. In the year since I completed the challenge, I’ve been working on learning editing with Lightroom and Photoshop, and continuing to experiment with new settings, and subjects. The cutest of which has to be my son Benjamin who was born in the new year. So I backed off the blog while I focused on just capturing my life as I lived it. I did keep it around however to continue to document my progress, and to show off my art of course! Feel free to scroll down and see some of what I’ve been up to this past year.

So, now that we’re all caught up, let’s get to why we’re here again. Over the last couple months I’ve been feeling somewhat unchallenged, or perhaps more accurately, unmotivated to look for creative opportunities for new photography. So, as a way to motivate myself out of this plateau I’ve decided to start a new photo challenge. This time I’m going into it a little more experienced, a little more knowledgeable, and hopefully a little more skilled. It’s time to up the ante!

Last time, I used a pre-made photo challenge I found on Pinterest that had a variety of weekly themes. Originally when I decided I needed to do another challenge, I figured I would brainstorm my own 52 week challenge to put a more personal spin on it. However after thinking on it a little more I’ve decided instead to shift gears and do a 365 Challenge instead! That’s a photo for every day of 2017. No other expectations, themes, styles, or ‘inspiration’. Literally just life as I live it, and whatever my camera sees each day. The biggest reason for my shift in challenge style was a point made by a guest blogger in the ‘Clickin Moms’ network. She made the point that a 365 day challenge, on top of generally challenging you to something every day to keep those skills well oiled, can also help you to discover your style. Over the course of the year, and especially near the end as I slideshow through my ‘submissions’, I should be able to identify common themes or elements (such as recurring subjects, types of light, colour etc) that make up my style.  I have a general idea of what my style is, or at least what I most enjoy photographing and editing, but I think this challenge will really help to hone in on it and develop it more purposefully.

With my updated blog layout I’ve included a countdown that should appear near the top left hand side of the screen (for desktop views anyway) to help keep me on track to the end of the year!

The other detail to layout is also editing and posting. While I will be taking photos every day, I know it would be completely unrealistic to think I could also edit and post those photos every day or even every other day! So while simply getting the photos in the camera is the top priority, I will make it a somewhat looser goal to edit and post weekly updates of my challenge and any other special photography learning or taking I’ve been doing!

So welcome back and thanks for coming along on another journey with me!


Christmas Surprise! 

Little M is getting a new sibling! I haven’t featured little M on here since last May when I took some photos of her and her mama for Mother’s Day. Fast forward 8 months and M is back with some big news! Her mom asked me to take some family Christmas card photos to help them share the big news with their family and friends.

Except for the harsh lighting while we were decorating the little tree with M, this shoot went incredibly smoothly and the editing was also a breeze thanks to some new presets I’ve discovered. While they don’t always ‘complete’ the image, they certainly help move things along to give you a starting point to work from.

Here are my favourites from the shoot.





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The Beautiful Mundane: Spring & Summer

Well I have nothing grand to say to introduce this post, it’s quite straight forward really; here are some of my favourite moments captured on ‘film’ over the last year! They’re almost all of my son Ben but he is both my inspiration and motivation <3.

Also, I’m always interested in critiques or suggestions for improvements so feel free to leave them in the comments or send a private message!